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Sharon and Aman, Two Hearts Beat As One

It’s no surprise that fusion weddings, weddings that combine two or more religions and/or ethnic background, are increasingly popular in the lower mainland that is well known for its diverse population. Sharon(Hindu) and Aman's(Sikh) wedding is our first actually, but there are more coming for this years wedding coverage. Nevertheless, the most important detail is that the wedding day is really about their union. Thats one thing we don’t lose sight of.

It was most comfortable when i first met them, they are very relaxed and seems like they have already figured out what they wanted but sometimes i notice them being nervous too, oh well, i totally understand because the complexity and sensitivity of different cultures can add to the stress of planning a major family event. Theres also that feel of excitement, and when they look at each other, you can see the twinkle in their eyes. Not literally! haha! Check out their wedding video and photos!

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