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About iPixels

"In  order  to  be  irreplaceable,  
one must always be different." 

-Coco Chanel

About iPixels

       Our intense desire and enthusiasm in capturing your special moments today, will definitely wow your hearts tomorrow and forever.

#Passion #Capture #Memories #Forever

"We  don't  grow when  things are easy, we  grow  when  we  face challenges."


Tulips, sunset and sweetness
Tulips creative
Intimate sweetness
Sweet Smoke bomb
Sun flare
leap of faith
Light paint love
standing tall
Sweet Candid
Sunset Silhouette
Aerial Silhouette
Lily pod
Plane photo bomb
Fall in love
Aerial fun
Fun in snow
Sweet touch
Let it rain
SKy full of stars
Power pose
Catch you

        We're all about building comfort level when we come to do your engagement session. We'll meet ahead of time, talk about ideas, learn more about you and try our best to make you feel comfortable.

        This is the perfect time for you to practice and get used to be in front of our cameras. 

        After that, you'll realize that it's really no big deal. Soon you'll relax and start having tons of fun with us.

Ring shot
Sweet Candid
Candid aisle walk
3,2,1 lets go!
Sweet touch
Fun shots
Lighting crerative Candid
Sweet look
That creative candid shot
Rose Ring detail
Fun with kids
That jumpshot
Walk with you
1 look
Sweet forehead touch
Group fun
Live, love, laugh
Groom and men
Beautiful couple
Silly boys
Bride and Dad
Can't hold the emotion
Tree climbing shot
Groom milni
Beautiful bride
emotional Doli
Capturing the essence
unintentional backlight
First dance
sweet pose
Then the colours burst

        The experience at iPixels Production (Photo & Cinema) is like no other. We care about you, our clients; including your family, guests, your photos and videos.

        Above and beyond the wedding day, we invest our time and energy getting to know you individually and as a couple. Our Creative Collaboration sessions are great examples of this, putting in time to develop your shots, concepts, styling and more, not to mention our creative candid style. We do our best to walk you through it.

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Surrey/Vancouver B.C
(604) 583-8363
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"Together, let's make photography and videography magic happen and together, lets make your dreams come true."

Thank you for your interest! We will be glad to get back to you right away!

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